Sunday, August 12, 2012

Watching Zombieland with a 13 year old

         I would never have told my little brother to watch the unedited Zombieland, even though I know he, along with his generation, has a whole zombie apocalypse survival plan.   However, when the hilarious 2009 film starring Jessie Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Woody Allen came on television, I did my sisterly duty and made sure he was able to watch it edited.
           Needless to say, he loved the strange adventures of a random group of survivors roaming a zombie filled world.  Goofy jokes about fighting zombies, finding Twinkies, killing Bill Murray, and smashing snow globes made him a big fan.  The list of 30 rules to survive zombies was a hit.  That, and when he found out the big zombie finale was filmed in Georgia at Wild Adventures, and he was sold.
               I'm not really in to monsters and zombies like a huge portion of the population.  I don't have an zombie survival plan and have not bought chain mail used to protect shark divers as my zombie armor.  (This is a real thing people do.  Look it up, it's crazy).  That, and I'm not really into crazy violent films.  Even so I love the movie, though I've seen it probably three times before. It's Jessie Eisenberg and Emma Stone pre-huge success, but they are just as entertaining and talented.  The violence is certainly not for a young audience, but it's fake and over the top.  If for some reason you've missed it, take it from me as non-zombie believer, and my brother as a huge fan, Zombieland is a movie you want to watch (though not a place you want to be).

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