Saturday, August 4, 2012

Copper: Not Your Grandma's Crime Show

          I get bored easily with procedural shows. I'm not saying crime shows and medicals shows aren't sometimes great television, it's just that it takes a special show with a unique premise and great characters to really keep my attention.  Even shows I used to love like House or Bones lose me when they feel repetitive.
         BBC America is banking on its new show Copper to be an original crime drama.  With easy parallels to Gangs of New York, Copper follows an Irish detective in the mid 1800's New York, with all the crime and drama that ensues during the boom of immigration.
       The trailer looks promising, and the concept of a crime show without modern technology sounds just original enough to be good. As long as the characters are well built and there is a larger story arc than a crime-a-week, I will certainly give the show a chance. The series comes out Aug 19.  See the trailer here.

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