Thursday, August 2, 2012

Doctor WHEN?

         BBC 1 just released their new trailer for Doctor Who, Season 7, the cult-favorite show about an ancient time traveler.  It looks like a huge focus of the season is an almost western space odyssey, though any Doctor Who fan with half an ear on has heard that Karen Gillian and Arthur Darvill are leaving mid-way through the season.
         Doctor Who is all about regeneration, but many still mourn the loss of the beloved married companions Amy and Rory.  Is the trailer just teasing us when it shows The Doctor (Matt Smith) carrying Amy's lifeless body, or is something more deadly at play?  We do know that the Weeping Angels, the deadly creatures who rip out vocal chords, send you back and time, and torture you while they do it will be back.  Other creatures, like dinosaurs and the omnipresent Daleks are back to play as well.  The question is, will Amy and Rory leave the show happy and alive, or will the weeping angels kill them?  Poor brave and all around incredible Rory has died so many times, he deserves an award.
       All and all, it looks like a good season in store, though the emphasis was a little more on the monsters  and a little less on the deeper question: Doctor WHO? WHO is the man behind the crazy adventures? This could just be the result of editing for the trailer though.
        I will certainly be tuning in when it plays this Fall on BBC America.  I just wish they'd announce when it was coming.  What does Autumn mean to these people?  I am just going to pretend it means the absolute first day of Fall.  Watch the trailer here. If you have yet to watch Doctor Who, start on Season 5 on Netflix. It is a new start to a fantastic show.

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