Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hans Zimmer's "Aurora"

            There are things we can never understand in this life.  The tragedy in Aurora is one of those things.  While we may never be able to reconcile what happened and why, we can do something to help, however small.  Hans Zimmer, the prolific composer for The Dark Knight Rises, Lion King, Inception, and many more films composed a piece in honor of the victims in the theater shooting.  All proceeds go to the Aurora Victim Relief organization.  The piece is lovely and sad, and is not just art for the sake of art, but art for the sake of people.  I find it shows that art, through whatever medium, is a source of healing and beauty, and should be appreciated as such.  You can find the song, titled simply "Aurora" through iTunes or in a number of other music stores.  For a place to hear it first, go here.

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