Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Community: Because a Batman Voice is Hilarious

          About seven episodes into the first season of Community, I can officially say it deserves its cult comedy status.  Not only has its main character Jeff's (Joel McHale) lying and contriving character grown on me, but I also am loving the scrappy fake family inside the community college.  Abed (Danny Pudi) and Troy (Donald Glover), two fellow community college students, steal the show with their closing scene antics, stuffing pencils into their mouths, "krumping," and discussing how quickly they would self-cannibalize if they woke up as a donut.  The references are everywhere. Breakfast Club, Harry Potter...and who doesn't love a dead-on Batman voice impression?  Now going into its fourth season, Community deserves our support,  partly because it boasts a character named Starburns for his illustrious facial hair.

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