Thursday, August 23, 2012

Suburgatory: The Burb's got Bite

Jane Levy in Subrgatory

           You know the shows networks sandwich between shows you like?  The one's you watch just to speed up the time before the show you really want to watch comes on.  What happens when that show suddenly becomes the show you want to watch?  Suburgatory started out as a show I very casually watched only until Modern Family came on.  I sort of dismissed it as television's cousin to Easy A, complete with its own snarky redhead way ahead of her suburban life.  However, the show grew on me, with it's insane characters and increasingly funny stories.   The always hilarious yet totally underrated Cheryl Hines plays a kind yet ridiculous neighbor to the city loving Tessa (Jane Levy) and her father George (Jeremy Sisto).
        Tessa narrates the stories of the burbs with a lot of bite, becoming a more nuanced and interesting character as the show progresses.  For all her humor and fierceness, she's got a soft side living amongst the strange citizens of the fictional Chatswin.  The new season is sure to be interesting, especially with the coupling of Tessa and George and the return of Tessa's long gone mom (Malin Akerman).  I will be watching, and this season, it won't just be because I'm too lazy to go do something else.

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