Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

        The Odd Life of Timothy Green is exactly that.  It is odd.  Just because it is an odd story doesn't mean it wasn't a good movie.  Being a little strange means being a little original, and in a world of remakes and sequels, fresh ideas are worth exploring.  The movie follows Cindy and Jim Green (Jennifer Gardner, Joel Edgerton), a couple who finally give up on their dreams of having a child, burying their wishes for a kid in a box in their backyard.
         The movie then asks its audience to suspend disbelief.  Timothy appears in their garden, a freshly minted child for Cindy and Jim, full of the quirks and attributes they haphazardly wished for in a child.  The parents could have never predicted the challenges and joys of their wish, but Timothy, played by CJ Adams with such bigger saucers eyes that show his bigger saucer of a heart, is so good and sincere.  The three become a family, mistakes and all.
         The movie is not perfect, with occasional slow moments and an ending that is terribly sad if you think on it too long, but as a whole it was as pleasant as the beautiful Fall weather is depicted.  I was left grateful to be reminded that children do not have to be good at everything, or really even anything, to be special and good at what matters-good at life.  He sees more beauty in trying things than in succeeding.   Timothy gives and loves with abandon, forgiving himself and others when mistakes are made and sacrificing even when it isn't easy.  While I may not watch the film over and over again, I appreciate the story's impact and message.  Being odd is extraordinary, just take it from the Timothy.

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