Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fred and George: Ginger Karma

Fred and George Weasley (James and Oliver Phelps)

                James and Oliver Phelps will always be known by Harry Potter fans as Fred and George Weasley, the mischievous  twin brothers who torture poor Ron Weasley.  The death of Fred ranks up there with Harry's sacrifice as a moment that caused real, prolonged tears. The movie version of Fred's death was in some ways even worse than the book, only because Oliver truly had to pretend his REAL brother was dead.  Fans love them, solemnly swearing right along with them that they are up to no good.
         Now 26, James and Oliver auditioned when they were only fourteen.  In true Fred and George spirit, they only auditioned so they would get to miss a day of school, but ended up getting the life changing parts.  What I love the most is what they have said about dying their hair ginger.  Both of them admit to mocking friends with red hair as kids, but ginger karma caught up with them as they were forced to die their dark hair red for all of the films.  Both men are now in California pursuing acting careers outside of Harry Potter, though fans may never be able to let go of the brilliance of Fred and George, even if their hair is no longer ginger.

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