Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ruby Sparks: Imaginary Friend

Ruby Sparks 

         Most children have an imaginary friend or two growing up.  Few though, dream up a perfect person and then find that person standing right in front of them.  In Ruby Sparks, an indie movie with a lot of buzz, Calvin Fields (Paul Dano) is a young writer full of potential.  His greatest book is already long published, and he struggles in the aftermath of his success to come up with anything worth writing.  Instead, he thinks up the perfect girl, and suddenly finds this girl, Ruby (Zoe Kazan who also wrote the film) right in front of him.  She inspires him and surprises him, testing the power of the written world.  The film boasts incredibly positive reviews, most of which praise it's originality and honest and playful heart.  As it's a somewhat indie film, keep your eyes out for it in theaters or catch it on dvd.  Your imaginary friend will appreciate the love.

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