Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Mindy Project: "Kind of Funny"

The Mindy Project

            I've said it before, but I really do think comedy pilots are usually rough and unfunny.  They try and often fail to get the tone, feel , and pacing of their funny moments while also actually telling a story and introducing characters.  The Mindy Project didn't do much to change my opinion of a comedy pilot.  However, I will absolutely give the show a chance, knowing that sometimes it takes a few episodes for a comedy to really grow into itself (Looking at you New Girl.  I love you now, but at first, you were rough).
          The Mindy Project has promise.  Created by and starring Mindy Kaling of The Office as a doctor whose warped romantic-comedy ideas make her terrible at love, the show has the potential to become a quirky and sweet cousin to New Girl.  However, the first episode was a little embarrassing for Mindy at times.  She was kind of funny, but really shallow and embarrassing, except for one redeeming moment where she forgets herself and actually does her job as a doctor.  Considering that no other character really was focused on in the show, it's difficult to know how the show is going to play out if it stays around.  Two men, Danny and Jeremy, seem poised to perhaps play rival love interests and though neither was incredibly engaging, the "everyman" Danny may connect to the audience better.  All in all, I wasn't that invested in her and didn't really feel like it had the sharp bite or heart I want from comedy.  I do think Mindy Kaling has charm and wit to spare, if she can just apply it to her show.

          With a whole crop of old favorites in the comedy arena, The Mindy Project is up against tough competition.  I will not judge it entirely off of a pilot episode, but will give it a chance.  However, to quote Mindy, if it's only "kind of funny," I may not stick around.  Watch the pilot on Hulu now or when it comes out Sept. 25.

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