Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Abed, and So Should You.

          I find it a little strange that the character I love the most, relate to the most, and laugh and cry about more than any other character on Community is the socially confused but absolutely lovable Abed (Danny Pudi).  He may have a hard time reading social cues, but he cuts to the heart of things on one of my newly minted favorite shows.  Who else can get away with deciding that an entire episode of the show be in Christmas claymation when he can't figure out the meaning of Christmas? (Spoiler-the meaning of Christmas can be found in Season 1 of Lost).  The fact that the same episode made me cry for him and cemented itself as a new Christmas favorite is another story.
       Abed relates to and understands life based on the structure and formula of beloved movies and shows, always seeing life as a giant production.  He even spends as entire episode as Batman. Even though he may be different, he is kind and giving, and is one half of the epic, gigantic fort-building, donut-eating, fake morning show-making Troy and Abed duo.
       I'll admit it, I'm proud to relate to Abed. Movies, shows and books do have a profound impact on lives. They inspire and empower.  They shake minds and rattle lives.  I also agree that we are all a part of a giant life production, even if the story isn't a structured as a 20 minute comedy or one of Abed's meta-movie that's not a movie documentaries.  Abed's ability to connect and empathize to the world through movies and shows is not a quirky curse, but rather a unique lense and worldview.  I respect it and understand it.  Straight reality is overrated anyhow.  It may be strange to say, especially if you've seen the show, but I'd rather relate to him than any of the other characters.  We could also use a little Abed. 

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