Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh Those Elusive Young People

Fallon May Bring Sexy Back to the Oscars

         The Oscars tried and failed to capture the attention of the younger crowds with the enthusiasm of Anne Hathaway and dazed and confused James Franco two years back.  It went about as well as a peanut butter and garlic sandwich.  Which is to say, it was bad and left a funky taste in viewers mouths.  Don't even get me started about the breath.
       Last year, the tried and true Billy Crystal hosted the Academy Awards, which was fine, but safe and certainly not geared at capturing the 34 and under crowd.  Don't get me wrong, When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorite romantic comedies, and Crystal is hilarious, but it seemed as though the Academy abandoned its attempt to excite younger viewers.
    That may change for the better now.  Jimmy Fallon, the man who took over Late Night, is rumored to be the next host of the Hollywood event.  If you've ever watched Fallon on the show, he naturally plays games, sings about scrambled eggs with Sir Paul Mccartney, raps the news with Brian Williams, and even raps the history of rap with Bringing Sexy Back's J.T.  In short, he actually appeals to and represents a younger generation.  At the same time, he is a safe host who puts his guests at ease.  Fallon may just be the perfect answer to The Oscar's woes.  Now, if only movies people actually had seen won!  I was proud to have seen 7 of the 10 movies nominated, but of course, I hadn't seen the movie that won.  Oh well, the Oscars can't do it all in one night.

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