Sunday, August 5, 2012

HIMYM without Marshall?

Jason Segel as Marshall in HIMYM

           Jason Segel, the growing movie star best known by How I met Your Mother fans as the beloved Marshall Eriksen, said in a recent interview that he was ready for the show to reach its natural conclusion in the coming season.  This of course stirred up drama, particularly because of recent expressed interest in a ninth season after this year's eighth.  Fans of the show would certainly cry foul if Marshall, who recently had a baby with his wife Lily, were to leave the show before its end.  I wouldn't get to worried.  Segel's comments seem as though they were taken out of context to cause drama.  Surely if there is a ninth season, Segel will be back, out of respect to his lovable character and loyal fans.  For now, let's just look out for Jason Segel in the eighth, and possibly final season of HIMYM this September on CBS.

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