Monday, August 6, 2012

The Queen of Versailles VS. Reality

The Real Versailles Hall of Mirrors

           When Marie Antoinette ignored harsh realities of real life around her, she lost something she just couldn't live without. Her head.  When time share billionaire David Siegel and his thirty years younger wife Jackie set out to build the largest and most luxurious house in America, they are living in the fantasy that insane amounts of money affords.  Affluent and out of touch, the couple are dealt a dose of the real world when the economy comes crashing down on their grandiose dreams.  David's fortune crumbles, relegating Jackie's shopping sprees to bargain stores instead of luxury brands.  Their mega-palace, much like their mega-dreams, is never completed.
        It is a story of consumer greed in an age where generations are no longer allowed to think they will live better than the generation before them.  The twisted tale is documented in The Queen of Versailles, a documentary spanning the rise and fall of the family that has won rave reviews as a timely and riveting display on the nature of man and money.  Watching the trailer for the movie, I found Jackie's detached and bewildered ignorance to the world crashing around her strikingly similar to Marie Antoinette's notorious detachment.  See Jackie, in all her bedazzled and fleeting glory, here, and reflect on our society as if walking through the real Versailles hall of mirrors.

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