Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Celeste and Jessie Forever

Celeste and Jesse Forever

           When I told my brother that Andy Samberg, one of his comic heroes, is no longer on SNL, he immediately demanded to know what he was going to do then!  Well, Samberg is currently appearing along with Rashida Jones (The Office, Parks and Recreation) in Celeste and Jesse Forever, a movie about two best friends and soul mates with slightly odd names.  Rashida's character Celeste decides she wants to "explore herself" and separates from Samberg's Jesse, but the two are unable to be apart  from each other's lives. Celeste realizes she may have made the biggest mistake in her life, but it may be too late. A film like Celeste doesn't guarantee that the main characters will end up back together, but it is better not knowing. The movie played well at festivals and looks like it will have a lot of heart and quirky humor. It may not be an SNL digital short for my brother, but it looks like I'll enjoy Samberg's newest project.  Watch the trailer here.

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