Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Glee could learn from Glee Project.

Glee Project Season 2
         When Glee debuted in 2009, it was an underdog show about an underdog group of high school singers.  Since then, it has been over-hyped and stuffed with so many stars, songs, and story lines, making it more than a little bloated.  When the fourth season, which features the regular cast (including members who have graduated) and guests stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson, starts, I probably won't watching.  Instead, I'll continue watching the small yet much loved The Glee Project on Oxygen.  Now in its second season, the show is the best reality show competition, period.  It features Glee hopefuls competing in song, dance, and acting for a spot on Glee.  The show and its contestants are often underdogs with a lot of heart and passion, causing the viewers to root for them and become invested in their success.  The drama and drive of the contestants is better than the average Glee episode.  If Glee could go back to its roots , and learn a lesson in humility from The Glee Project, I may actually tune in to see the winners of The Glee Project on Glee.  Otherwise, I'd rather just watch The Glee Project.

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