Monday, July 30, 2012

Marvel's Ant Man: He'll be HUGE!

          I'll admit, I wasn't familiar with Marvel's Ant-Man, a superhero whose power is in his ability to change size.  He can go from microscopic to large in a snap, a concept that at first doesn't sound that promising or exciting.  However, test footage was revealed at San Diego's comic con, panning on Ant-Man in an air vent.  He grows and then shrinks once again, avoiding a gun by running across the barrel before knocking out several men around him.  Fanboys have raved about the footage, which has yet to be released to the general public.  The footage is not actual movie footage, but it was enough to spark a huge reaction, and stir excitement for the movie that has yet to cast a lead.   After so many successful and well-made hero movies, Marvel can afford to take a chance on Ant-Man.   He could be huge.

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