Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Elysium's Class War

Matt Damon in Elysium

         According to Greek mythology, Elysium was a place of the afterlife reserved for the chosen few who were related to the gods, the heroes, and legends in humanity.  This coming March, Elysium is the new sci-fi movie starring a  rather bald Matt Damon as Max.  Set in not so distant 2159, the movie boasts a unique and timely plot.  In the future, the world is overpopulated and ruined.  The wealthy and elite leave it to rot and escape onto the luxuries of Elysium, an elaborate space ship designed as a small world. The poor are left on earth, with little hope of escape.  Matt Damon's Max is given the opportunity to shake up the two separate worlds, and perhaps be the kind of hero who earns the mythological Elysium.  Hitting screens in March, the one hundred million dollar movie stands a chance at becoming a sci-fi legend of its own.  Though I've got to say, for a movie about class conflict and the haves versus the have nots, the movie is certainly funded and created by the wealthy.

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