Monday, July 23, 2012

Harry Turns 23 (aka ancient)

         Today Daniel Radcliffe, also known as The Boy Who Lived, turns 23.  In Harry Potter's world, this is practically middle-aged.  Harry had already defeated Voldemort many times and finally does him in by the time he is 17.  It makes graduating from high school by 17 and college by 21 look downright lazy. Harry's parents were 21 when they died, and had already been a part of the Order of the Phoenix and had Harry.  Granted, the actors who play Harry's parents look 45, which makes me feel a bit better about myself. According to the timeline of the books, Snape and Lupin should both be significantly younger than the actors who play them, but I will NEVER say that anyone but Alan Rickman should be Snape.  I guess then, age isn't what matters in Harry Potter.  Dumbledore squandered his youth but redeemed himself as an old man.  Harry lived when he was just a baby.  The point isn't age, but what you do with the days you are given. I do however, wish the Boy Who Will Always Be Harry Potter a happy birthday.

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