Monday, July 30, 2012

New Girl: Because Hand Bells are Hilarious

Winston and His Mad Hand Bell Skills

          New Girl started as a showcase for the dorky cute antics of Zooey Deschanel's Jess.  However, as it grew popularity, it also grew in its development of its other characters.  Schmidt (Max Greenfield) has become the not so secret scene stealer playing an obsessive, overall jerk with a heart of mushy gold.  Nick Miller's (Jake Johnson) stubborn grumpy man persona plays brilliantly with Jess's eternal optimism.  Winston (Lamorne Morris) plays the most normal of the bunch, observing and commenting on the crazy around him.  That is, except for one special episode, entitled "Bells."  Next to "The Landlord," "Bells" is my absolute favorite example of New Girl's ability to grow into a truly funny comedy that showcases ALL of its characters.  In the episode, Winston helps Jess with a group of kids performing with hand bells.  There is simply something inadvertently funny about hand bells and the need to done gloves to perform with them.   Add that immediate humor to Winston's sudden and obsessive need to put on the best hand bell show (hilarious thought), and you get one of the best episodes of New Girl.  I am excited about the new season, ready for more Winston, Jess, Schmidt, and Nick, knowing that New Girl gives a chance for each character to let their freak flags fly high and proud. Ring that bell Winston.  Ring it.

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