Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Best Late Night Show

Liam Neeson on The Graham Norton Show

             There is only one late night show that has Will Smith lead an entire audience in a rendition of his most beloved song: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song of course.  Watch the fun here.  This same show asks Liam Neeson (aka Aslan) to leave a voice message for a very big fan, saying he didn't know who he was talking to, but whoever it was, he knew they took his daughter, and he would find them, and kill them. Neeson gamely obliges, as you can watch here. What fantastic and odd show is this?  Why it's The Graham Norton Show on bbc America.  Norton , the snarky and risky host also makes sure to have all his celebrity guests on his couch at the same time, making for hilarious, kooky interactions between musicians, comedians, and actors.  On a recent show, Will-i-am was told "I got a feeling" needed to be changed to "I've got a feeling" by an older actor. On another episode, Niki Minaj explained her unique brand of lingo to the very confused Norton and Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), rapping with Ruffalo as her background dancer. The very best part of the strange show is saved for the last few minutes, when regular people are put in THE RED CHAIR.  Whoever is in the red chair must tell the best story of their lives, or else risk being flipped in it by the week's celebrity guests.  I wish all conversations could had red chairs!  We could avoid a lot of small talk if people feared being flipped if they were boring.  Check out Norton and all his shenanigans on Saturdays at 11 on bbc America.  It's a fresh breath in a very crowded talk show arena.

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