Thursday, July 26, 2012

Movie Not Guaranteed

           When I saw a trailer for the movie Safety Not Guaranteed, my two immediate thoughts were: I'd like to see that, and I'll have to wait.  The movies premise is based on an actual (albeit prank) newspaper wanted ad asking for a person to travel time with.  In the movie Darius (Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation) is a young reporter sent to investigate (mock)  Kenneth, the writer of the time travel ad played by Mark Duplass.  After befriending him, Darius becomes less convinced Kenneth is crazy and more convinced he may truly be a time traveler after all.  The movie seems to possess a quirky heart, but unfortunately, unless you live in a large city, the movie has yet to come your way.  I will happily rent the movie when released on dvd/bluray, but would have paid for a ticket if it had ever come out in my town.  Today with gorilla campain marketing, there has got to be a way to get more first run indie movies into smaller towns.  Until then, some movies simply aren't guaranteed.  Independent film lovers need to rally together, or wait it out patiently.

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