Monday, July 30, 2012

Should Be a Movie: The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

     Neil Gaiman is to books what Tim Burton is to movies.  He is responsible for delighting and spooking his readers with his dark and original stories.  The Graveyard Book, a winner of the Newbery Award, is a story just begging to be made into a movie.  In fact, Disney has optioned it and it is in development now.  Taking place in, of course, a graveyard, the book follows a boy named Nobody Owens.  Nobody is raised by two elderly grave dwellers and cared for by Silas, who turns out to be a vampire.  Nobody discovers the adventures of the past and present in his otherworldly home.  A story of growing up, The Graveyard Book reveals that Nobody's  real parents were killed long ago by the mysterious Jack.  Jack wants Nobody dead too, and the only way he has managed to stay safe so far was by living among the dead.  It will not do for Nobody not to live and grow up forever.   It is a profoundly moving book with stunning dark visuals, and one that deserves a great film.  In an interview, Gaiman described working on the books and writing in general.  He said, "We who make stories know that we tell lies for a living.  But they are good lies that say true things, and we owe it to our readers to build them as best we ca.  Because somewhere out there is someone who needs that story."  The Graveyard Book may be set in a twisted fantasy, but it is authentic and true in it's story of a little boy learning what it means to grow up.  What a great story for a film!

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