Thursday, July 26, 2012

Community Service

           I have a confession to make. I don't watch the cult-fav show Community, starring Joel McHale. I wish I could shrink and carry McHale in my pocket to tell me snarky jokes about pop culture.  Even so, I never really got into the show.  Then again, I didn't give it much of a chance.  When Community debuted in 2009, I watched the first episode.  Pilots for great dramas are usually the show at their best (see Alias, Lost...).  Pilots for comedies however, are usually less surefooted and have yet to perfect their comedic tone and characters.  The pilot for Community introduced McHale as the slightly unlikable Jeff, a lawyer whose education is called to question, forcing him to return to community college, where he meets and befriends a unique group of fellow students.  I wasn't sold on the first episode, and as I was actually in college at the time, I didn't give the show another chance.  I will now admit I think I made a mistake.  According to reviews and critics, Community has morphed into a hilarious off-hilter show which breaks comedy molds and delivers fresh humor every week.  Community may not have a huge audience, and was recently moved to the dreaded showkiller Friday timeslot, but it's followers are loyal.  It wins save a show awards as it riffs/celebrates everything from Doctor Who to Batman.  With three seasons on his show diploma and a shortened fourth season on the way, Community had a few changes this year when the show creator left and the fourth season was shortened.  I may still have to put in some time and serve my community by giving Community a second chance before the fourth season debuts.

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