Monday, July 23, 2012

Moss: The Brit's Sheldon

         The It Crowd, a British import about the misadventures of Moss (Richard Ayoade of The Watch), Roy (Chris O'Dowd of Bridesmaids), and their relations manager Jen (Katherine Parkinson) who all work in the lowly It department of a large company.  Moss and Roy are fantastic at telling people to turn their computers off and on again, but not so good with anything else.  Jen, on the other hand, thinks the internet is a giant brick but knows her way around a party.  The show creates hilarious caricatures of people and situations in the British office. Mocking everything from musicals to Windows VistaThe It Crowd was almost Americanized.   The U.S. tried and failed to remake it for a U.S. audience with Joel McHale as Roy.  As much as I love McHale, it is an insult to the American audience to think we can't appreciate the original version.  It is remarkably and absurdly hilarious, particularly because of Moss, a character with as much awkwardness as The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon and a lot of heart.  His delivery of every single line is a lesson in comedic timing.  Watch a few episodes on Instant Netflix, and I dare you to not end up marathoning the series and wishing for a cross over with Moss and Sheldon.

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