Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anti-Bulling: Steven Moffat Edition

           Steven Moffat is the man behind the curtain of the beloved Doctor Who and Sherlock, both as a writer and show runner. Fans of either show know he is willing to kill characters, twist stories with Nolan flair, and terrify and devastate viewers in a single episode.  Anytime he writes an episode of Doctor Who, viewers know they are in for a wild and dangerous ride.  Many of facebook and pinterest memes curse Moffat for killing characters and scaring viewers.  Go on Moffat's twitter and he says he is weary of negative mean people posting comments.  I say, stop bullying Steven Moffat for taking risks for the sake of storytelling and character development.  Just ask J.R.R. Martin if characters sometimes need to die for the sake of the story.  Moffat, go on Moffating.  Doctor Who and Sherlock are bolder and better because of you.

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