Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quidditch: The Missing Olympic Sport

Ron as the Keeper

             2012's London Olympics has been massive.  Lochte vs Phelps, the Queen versus James Bond, and of course, super weird looking Voldemort and Mary Poppins.  There's a lot of excitement.  Sports that usually spawn comments like "I didn't even know that was a sport," are shown on every NBC network imaginable when the best of the best compete for gold.  Perhaps I am revealing my ignorance when I admit I really didn't know skeet shooting or trampolining  were real Olympic sports.
              Millions around the world are tuning in, after all, there's nothing else on summer television.  I would just like to say though, that the Olympics would be far better if they included the sport that London should be most proud of: Quidditch.  Forget that really the only thing that matters is the seeker getting the snitch, and you've got quite an original game.  I'm not talking about the fake Quidditch, muggle version.  I want the real thing, broomsticks and all. Come on London, you've got a Princess, you've got a sky-diving queen. Did a bludger knock you in the brain?   Admit it, you really do have Hogwarts, and you're holding out your best sport, your real keeper.   We'll forgive you, on a condition. Let us come to Hogwarts please and thank you, or at least give a medal to Harry Potter.

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