Friday, July 27, 2012

Genre Shatterer: Cloud Atlas

         When The Matrix came out in 1999, few would have predicted its impact on the movie landscape.  With one original, terrifying idea that questioned reality, the movie solidified the Wachowski siblings as game changers in sci-fi and fantasy movies.  A sprawling new trailer for their next movie Cloud Atlas, a genre splitting movie based on a novel, has been released.  The movie, which features big players like Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving, Ben Whishaw and Halle Berry, does not seem to fit in one genre category.  From the five minute trailer, it seems that at first the movie is a history piece examining the strange impact our choices have on others and the human habit of repeating mistakes over and over again.  Mid trailer, the movie takes on a more sci-fi and revolutionary feel, bouncing around times, worlds, and characters.  Difficult to explain or simplify, Cloud Atlas may be the next genre shatterer, following in the Matrix's bold bullet dodging footsteps.  The movie, based on a book, comes out this October.

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