Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bane is Bad?

    After seeing The Dark Knight Rises (don't read this is you have not), I was left dwelling on the major twist in the story.  The first hefty portion of the movie sets up Bane as the arch-enemy of Batman, bent on destroying the 1% and sup posedly giving power to the 99 with violence and false justice.  The motivation of Bane is unclear, leaving the audience to assume he just has a thing for destroying the wealthy.  However, when the big twist is revealed, and it is made known that Bruce's new girl Miranda (Marion Cotillard) is a member of the League of Shadows and the true villain, Bane's motivation is made clear.  He did what he did out of twisted love and loyalty for her.  While I don't really understand why Miranda would suddenly want to finish the work of the father she hated, I appreciate that the twist that helped explain Bane as a villain.  Did it weaken and deflate Bane as a villain?  Of course, but after the chilling and Oscar winning potrayal of the Joker, it was best not to even attempt a villain of that calliber.  Miranda and Bane were not the true point of the third movie anyhow.  The movie was a story of the fall and rise of a man, just a man, who inspired an ideal in a city full of enemies.  Happy to see Batman end his reign, I was left with the strong desire to see the fantastic Joseph Gordon-Levitt take on the role of Robin/Batman in a new series, taking on enemies with a fresh sense of justice and mercy.

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