Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Spicy Kick Off of Fall Television

           Fall is here!  That means crinkling leaves, pumpkins and spice, oh, and a flood of new television after the summer tv drought. I don't have time for a million shows, contrary to networks' beliefs.  When Fall premieres come, and a deluge of new and old television shows come back, I am am forced to prioritize and whittle down, sometimes relegating certain shows to my Netflix Que.  I may not be into football, so its the closest thing I have to drafting for my fantasy league.  If forced to pick new and old shows I will actually watch (almost) on their schedule, I could whittle it down to:


          Community, Suburgatory, New Girl, HIMYM, Happy Endings, Modern Family....and maybe The Middle and Parks and Recreation are in my priority shows. Community and Happy Ending will probably duke it out for MVP, though New Girl and Happy Endings share a time zone, which may spur on a rivalry.  If you've noticed, my comedies don't really include anything new.  I may give The Mindy Project more of a chance, or check out Ben and Kate, but really, I have enough comedy for now, and the new stuff just doesn't seem that promising.  I may also watch bits of the last season of The Office, just for nostalgia sake.  The Big Bang Theory is a very tentative maybe.  I like it, but honestly, I didn't follow the last season.  It is suffering from over-exposure and needs to hit the showers for a bit.  I perhaps will give Matthew Perry's Go On a shot as well.  Time (quite literally because I don't have the time for all the shows I want to watch) will tell.


            Doctor Who, Copper, Parenthood, The Vampire  Diaries, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and  Grey's Anatomy are high up on my drama priorities, though Grey's could go either way.  As for new shows I will give a chance, I am very interested in Elementary, mainly because I am a sucker for Sherlock and am willing to give the new version a chance, partly to stave off the Sherlock starvation. (No new episodes until sometime next year!!!)  Nashville sounds like it may be soapy good or cheesy bad.  I'll give it a try, but it may turn into last year's Smash ( A show that I lost interest in my episode 2). Because I will miss Lost always (said in the voice of Snape) and because the concept of a technology-less civilization is fascinating,  I will give Revolution a chance to show what its got as well.  Last Resort has promise to be a heady story if Revolution fails.  The premiere episode of Revolution was enough to draw me in though.  I actually sort of wish more dramas with promise were coming out.  Arrow and Beauty and the Beast could go either way, but I'm honestly not sure I will give either a chance.

           I am sure I am forgetting shows or missing shows, but all and all, this season should be spiced with drama and comedy of all kinds of flavors and variety.  For a comprehensive list of the Fall 2012 tv schedule, go here.  Happy coach potatoing!

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