Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Hobbit Debuts a New Trailer

Martin Freeman as Bilbo in The Hobbit

                Have you seen the new trailer for the first of the three Hobbit movies?  If you have yet to stumble across it, watch it here.  The trailer shows off the lighter side of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit world, reminding me of Gimli and Legolas rivalry humor.  My initial reaction to the preview was absolute relief in how awesome I think Martin Freeman will be as Bilbo.  I cannot think of a more perfect actor to play the ultimate everyman, or in this case every-Hobbit.  When Bilbo laughs at Gollum in the caves, I was all the more assured that Freeman will carry the films, which is important, considering there are three films in the works.  Speaking of Gollum, the riddle scene, which Hobbit fans know is how Bilbo gains THE RING (yes that ring), looks like it is going to be stellar.  Basically, the trailer is exciting for any fan of Peter Jackson or Tolkien.  I certainly am ready to go back to Middle Earth this December.

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