Saturday, September 15, 2012

Donald Glover: Renaissance Man

Donald Glover

           In either the worst or best news for a Community fan, Donald Glover has a new show in the tentative works.  Glover plays the nerdy jock and one half of the dream team Troy and Abed. on NBC's beloved Community.  A bit of a renaissance man, Donald Glover not only plays Troy, but he also raps under the moniker Childish Gambinio and is a rising comedian.  Before starring in Community, Glover wrote for 30 Rock. He has a huge smattering of talents to add to a show. Many of his projects display his goofy geek vibe.   Zooey Deschanel has the whole "adorkable" thing.   Couldn't he have success as a "geekfy" or "goofky?" on his show?  Scratch that.  Let's stop being lazy and combining words to create buzz.  It's lazy buzz. It's "bazzy."

           Though Glover is already committed to Community season 4, what does his new show development mean for the future of Community?  The show has always been a cult-following show (#sixseasonsandamovie) with an unsure future.  If Community is set to end in season 4's 13 episode run, it will at least mean we will have something to comfort us when Glover's new show comes.  If Community continues beyond this coming season, Glover can just do double duty.  He's juggled many roles before.  In a perfect world, Community will get its six seasons and a movie, and Glover's new show will actually turn out to be Troy and Abed in the Morning.  I'd move to that world!


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