Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shadow and Bones: The Next Potter?

Shadow and Bones

             Every book with a slight fantasy element has been compared to the incomparable Harry Potter.  Shadow and Bones, a new fantasy novel set in a fictionalized and magical Russia (called Ravka in the book), has drawn comparisons to Harry Potter.  After reading reviews and synopsis of the book however, I would compare it to Avatar: The Last Airbender ( the show, not the movie, just so we are clear) before I would make Potter references.  The story is set in Ravka, a magical nation that lies dangerously close to the Shadow Fold, a land where monsters dwell and devour. Its leading lady is Alina, a girl who is drawn into magic and battle when her best friend is injured.  Alina is swept into war, magic, and mystery.
       Besides having magic, there is no really connect to Harry Potter, except for the recent news that Harry Potter producer David Heyman is set to produce the films based on the Shadow and Bone series.  Hardcore Harry fans know Heyman as the thin, darkly bearded man who appears in bonus features.  If I am honest, a huge reason I am interested in reading Shadow and Bones is simply that Heyman is involved.  He had a part in one of the best movie series from one of the best books, which makes me trust his judgement and taste more than most.  Heyman's approval aside, the book does sound interesting, particularly with the fresh setting of older Russia.  Check out the book here.   I believe it's going on my reading list.

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