Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Once Upon an Addiction

             The first season of Once Upon a Time came out on Netflix recently.  I had tried to watch the show last year when it debuted, but didn't fully invest.  I made a huge mistake, though I'm partly grateful for it now.  Watching the series in mini-marathon form is rewarding, mainly because all of the twists and cliff-hangers aren't as painful when the next episode is a button press away.  Like the Mad-Hatter himself, I've been sprinting through the season, getting ready for season 2 this Sunday.  If you haven't been watching it, you are missing out on old-school storytelling with a modern twist.  Even the most evil character has depth and a back story worthy of Lost itself.  In fact, in a very weird way, the fairy tale flashbacks, mythology, and mystery make me think of Lost more than any other show, which is a high compliment in my books.
          Characters like Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, Prince Charming, and even Jiminy Cricket  are revitalized and changed on the show, which follows the idea that the evil queen cursed all fairy tale characters, sending them to the worst place imaginable: earth!  The curse must be broken, and the characters must remember their true identity, or be trapped in a strange and frozen purgatory with no happy ending.  The actress playing the evil queen deserves props, mainly for portraying the caricature queen in fairyland and  the cool and calculating mayor in the modern world.
              Watch the show, become a fan.  It certainly has won me over.  I've even put off watching new Fall shows to finish off the season.  I am three episodes away from a very interesting and sure to be epic conclusion to the first chapter.  Look out for the second this Sunday at 8:00.

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