Monday, September 10, 2012

Catching Fire in Georgia

               Catching Fire, the much buzzed about sequel to The Hunger Games, invaded in the peach state today.  Georgia has played host to a number of recent films, but will only be home to The Hunger Games sequel for a little while, before shooting continues in Hawaii.  I must admit that thoughloved The Hunger Games books, I really only liked the movie.  Watching it a second time, I found myself weirdly bored and unattached, whereas when I reread the books I feel immersed in the  dystopian adventure every time.
                      It concerns me that the first film was only decent, particularly because the first book was my favorite in the series.  Slight reservations aside, I am still very interested in how the 75th Hunger Games will play out on screen, particularly with the addition of Finnick (Sam Clafin).  Hopefully Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) will be given more screen time to develop as well.  Otherwise, The Hunger Games films really do not deserve the hype surrounding them.  The books, particularly the first two, deserve all the hype they receive.  See if Catching Fire lives up to its bold name when it hits theaters Nov. 2013.

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