Saturday, September 8, 2012

Doctor Who, Dinos, and Harry Potter

Mr. Wealey, Doctor Who, and a Dinosaur of course.

              Episode 2 in season 7 of my favorite sci-fi show Doctor Who wasn't my absolute favorite.  Set in a spaceship that turned out to be an ark for dinosaurs, it featured the villain Solomon as a  too simply evil character who wanted to sell the dinosaurs, resorting to genocide to do it. The episode did have its shining moments, particularly when everyone's favorite time traveler spoke to his best friend and traveling buddy the sassy Scot Amy Pond.  The conversation foreshadowed Amy's coming departure from the show, perhaps even hinting to her death.
            All in all the episode was still a Doctor Who episode, so I liked it.  One beach scene in particular in the Doctor ran from pterodactyls was particularly epic and big-budget shouting.  However, after the stellar season opener which finally made me appreciate the usually ridiculous Daleks, the episode was a bit of a let down.  David Bradley (aka Mr. Filch in Harry Potter) played Solomon, and Mark Williams (aka Mr. Weasley in Harry Potter) played Rory's father.  Both characters were underused, though I did enjoy playing spot the Harry Potter star.  Next weeks episode features cowboys and cyborgs, which sounds like a rather fun hybrid.  I just hope we get to have more fun with Amy and Rory Pond before they leave the series for good.  As much as I enjoy the ridiculous stories, like dinosaurs in space, the real heart of the show beats for the relationships between The Doctor and his human friends.

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