Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Epic Life Music

Music to give you chills.

         Typically, I've reserved this blog for movies and shows.  I discuss soundtracks sometimes, but beyond that haven't really divulged my passion for music.  Because this blog is at its core a geek-out over awesome entertainment, I am going to venture out a little into musical entertainment.  Music to me is all about telling a story, and makes regular life far more epic and dramatic.  With that in mind, I'm okay with sharing a playlist of songs that make my life feel a little bigger and broader-songs that tell a story.  After all, movies and shows would be way less powerful without music.  In fact, in an ideal world, I'd love to be the music supervisor for a show or even for commercials.  Here is this weeks playlist of storytelling songs.  Enjoy!

1.  Midnight City by M83

          I love the shouting synths from this song.  It's been featured in a few commercials so it may sound familiar.

2.  Outro by M83
         Oh my gosh.  This song is beautiful, and epic.  The beginning is synth, the middle is near silent, and the end is sheer crescendoing perfection.  This song is my go to right now.

3.  Blackwind by Patrick Watson
       I am a fan of Patrick Watson.  His songs are small and large, intimate and immediate.  This song is one of his more recent ones.  It's perfect for driving through Fall roads with dreamy thoughts.

4.  Dark Parts by Perfume Genius
        Man I am a serious fan of piano.  This song is sad, strange, lovely, and mysterious.  I dig it.

5.  Normal Song by Perfume Genius
       This song is sad and sweet, with a simple guitar and quivering voice.  I LOVE it.

6.  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
      This song has swag.  It oozes cool and will force you to want to break out your craziest (and perhaps non-existent) dance moves.  I am loving all of Imagine Dragons songs.  Check out It's Time, Demons, and On Top of the World too.

7.Down in the Valley by The Head and the Heart
       The Head and the Heart is a band you've go to check out.  Their music is folksy in the best possible way.

8.  The New Mumford and Sons CD.
      I just got it, and have listened to it a few times.  While I'm not as excited about it as with their first album, I think it will grow on me until I love it.

         Enjoy the music!  I hope it gives you stories!

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