Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just Shriek and Punch the Zombie Nick.

New Girl Season 2 Halloween 

           When it came to New Girl, I was all about Schmidt for a while, but in the new season, the most memorable moments come courtesy of the Ron-Swanson lite, surly sweet Nick Miller (Jake Johnson, not to be confused Jack Johnson the Hawaiian strumming, sweet styling singer, even though I almost typed his name first).  Sure, Schmidt had a great moment dressed as Lincoln (because according to his logic, everyone thinks of the venerable President at least once a day).  Still, the past two episodes shined when Nick was Nick-confused, emotionally stunted, and yet goofily caring and kind.  Two episodes ago, as he struggled to express his love for Schmidt after Schmidt bought him a cookie, "just cuz,"we got a glimpse of when Schmidt and Nick met in college, which was dumbly true to how shallow most friendships start.  When Nick finally returned the gift with a cookie of his own for Schmidt, he stutters, "You give cookie, I give cookie," in an adorably confused chant until finally breaking down.  It was a great moment of comedy and truth as he struggled to express real emotions.
       In last nights episode, Nick once again had a truly fantastic moment.  Already admitting to having a fear of haunted houses and relationships, essentially saying they are one in the same, Nick braves a haunted house for Jess, worried she's about to tell an unfeeling doctor that she's interested in a relationship.  Nick runs like he's an extra in The Walking Dead, frantically searching for Jess amidst the ghouls and monsters.  Poor Nick is attacked by a zombie, or so he thinks.  He punches the zombie in the face, only to find out he punched Jess.  Shrieking like a banshee  or more accurately a little girl, he's attacked by a pack of monsters,who defend their fellow haunted house worker violently   Poor Nick is caught in his worst nightmare, and it makes for a perfectly hilarious moment.
      Kudos to New Girl for allowing its characters to shine, giving opportunities for all of the characters to develop and be ridiculously awesome.  For all his valiant efforts, poor Nick lets Jess get her revenge, punching him in the face in the last second of the show.  For now at least, he wins the award of my favorite character on the show.

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