Friday, November 2, 2012

Arrow Stays on Target. Surprised?

Arrow Episode 4: An Innocent Man

              Everyone keeps talking about Revolution and what a surprise it's been.  I sort of fell away from it, tired of the over-actioned cliches.  Maybe I'll go back and catch up with it later, but for now, one of the few shows that has kept me watching is the CW's Arrow.  It's hero is genuinely likable and mature, it's setting is more Nolan-esque than Smallville, and the backstory is uniquely riveting.  The flashbacks and mythos that reveal why Oliver went from entitled brat to vigilante hero are well thought out and juicy.  Every episode has a balance of realistic and heightened reality to it, with just enough, "I can't believe they shocked me that way" to please even a superhero skeptic's heart.  I'm not a skeptic.  I've fallen hard for the hero domination in pop culture, and am very happy with the way it is starting to dominate television as well.  The world could use a few more heroes now, even if it's just for inspiration to do something truly heroic.
           As for the future of the Arrow season, I'm very curious ,especially after episode 4 which revealed the rage and turmoil dueling it out inside Oliver as he "kills or survives" on the island and just maybe, in the city. The episode ended with Oliver being arrested, under suspicion of being The Green Arrow.  I'm not a hero expert  but I am curious how the show will handle Oliver's secret identity. Granted, his secret is flimsy, with an oversized hood and shadow as his only cover.  I may have to consult an Arrow expert, but if Arrow is revealed, what will that mean for the season and the show?  Curse the show and it's constant ability to keep me coming back.  Who am I kidding?  I really enjoy it, and loved that Captain Jack (of Doctor Who) appeared as one of many villains to come.  Ok fine, it was just the actor who played Captain, but still, Doctor Who shout outs are the best.
           Look out for Arrow next Wednesday.

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