Sunday, November 4, 2012

How Geeks Marathon

Listen to Boromir/Ned Stark

            How would you like to train for a marathon?  What about if I told you preparation included consuming large quantities of sugary soda and extra salted butter while brushing up on your elvish?  Well, extreme Tolkien fans rejoice and indulge like a Hobbit.  Not only are The Hobbit tickets going on sale November 7, but tickets for a super marathon of the extended Lord of the Rings set are also going to be available. By the end, you may feel like you have traveled there and back least to the movie theater bathroom.
          As much as I am all for a marathon of a T.V. show or movies at home, I'm not sure I feel the same about a theater marathon.  By the end, I may resemble a zombie from The Walking Dead or at the very least I'll look like Frodo in the third film, mid-Mount Doom.  I think I'll stick to watching Lord of the Rings at home, one by one.  Then again, for the generation who missed seeing The Lord of the Rings in theaters, a marathon viewing may be perfect.  If getting to see The Hobbit is my reward, I'd spend one or two or ten hours in Middle Earth.

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