Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ok Ok Liam Neeson, I'll See Taken 2

              I wasn't expecting Liam Neeson's film Taken to be as good as it was.  I love being pleasantly surprised, and the film, which showcased Neeson's fighting and stunt work in a well paced, downright scary thrill ride of a movie, was a runaway hit.  Still, I was surprised when a second Taken was announced.  I just hope it is a good surprise.  I wrote about Taken 2 once before, but after the relentless marketing campaign (A+ for the pretty piano music in the teaser trailers) and an accidental viewing of Liam Neeson's Inside the Actor's Studio (Could you be anymore pompous James Lipton or Green Tea or whatever your name is?), I relent to the hype.  I want to see Neeson take on the villains once more, though I'm a little weary of high expectations being crushed or the cheese factor being a little too high. Sequels are tricky business when the first movie is such an unexpected success.  I suppose then, that over the next few days I'll keep an eye on reviews of the film before rushing to the theaters or relegating Taken 2 to the dollar theater. For now, I'm a little scared to not see Liam Neeson's film.  I sort of feel like he's an action man's Bettie White meets Chuck Norris, in the best possible way.

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