Monday, October 1, 2012

Once Upon a Time is Back!!!

          So I did it.  I marathoned through the first season of Once Upon a Time on netflix and was ready for season 2 when it aired last night.  The season two premiere brought us a reunion of Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) and Belle, the return of some strange magic, wraiths like dementors, and a truly exciting reveal.  Once Upon a Time has finally fixed its one flaw in it's initial season.  It's made the present world as riveting if not even more interesting than the fairytale world..  With character remembering their fairytale identities and facing dark magic forces, Storybrooke has new life.
            When the story cut to the fairytale world, which we find out still exists, in a broken form, I found myself wishing we were back with the characters we knew.  Instead, the adventure followed Prince Phillip and a mysterious companion who were able to rescue Sleeping Beauty.  To save Aurora, Philip is marked by a wraith, and his soul is taken from him, just as he mysteriously tells either Aurora or his companion (MULAN!!!) that he loves her.  I was interested, though a little too sad for Mulan and too annoyed with Aurora to really enjoy it.  The end of the episode may change my feelings, as  Snow White and Emma were transported back to the broken fairytale world.  Their presence there is certain to cause a lot of drama.

         As for life in Storybrooke, I do love that everything wasn't happily ever after when Emma was reunited with her family Charming and Snow.  Life is complicated, and I appreciated that the show didn't go for the cheesy happy ending.  Happy endings are yet to fully come in Once Upon a Time.  I can't wait to see where the season will take us, as magic comes, and good fights for the true happy ending.  Catch the next episode in this truly magical show Sunday at 8:00 on abc. I personally can't wait for Captain Hook, and to find out what happened to August.

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