Sunday, October 21, 2012

Et tu Internet?

            Okay, so I need to preface this by saying how much I appreciate the internet as a gateway to friends, information, and entertainment.  I love it and can't imagine life without it (and fully acknowledge the irony of using the internet to rant about the internet).  As a member of the generation who used floppy disks and heard the distinct errrchrrrrping of dial-up, I am in awe of the leaps and bounds the internet has made and more than a little scared of how dependent we have become on it.  Still, every so often, you come across a terrible pop-up, comment, or lie that ruins something.  The internet can betray you like Marcus Brutus stabbing Julius Caesar in the back.  Et tu Internet indeed.
          Today was such a day.  While looking up a trailer for the new season of Downton Abbey, I accidently stumbled across a truly horrible spoiler for season 3 when I made the rookie mistake of looking at a few of the comments under the video I watched.  The comments revealed a very important and devastating plot twist, which is incredibly frustrating considering series 3 is currently airing in the U.K., not here.  Sometimes, it's nice to know little spoilers, but no viewer wants a spoiler that truly changes everything.  In the age of the internet, shows shouldn't have several month delays between countries.  Viewers may be lost, especially when controversial spoilers are released before the show even airs.
          I can't help but paraphrase one of my other favorite shows, Firefly (after just paraphrasing from it in my last blog post.  What can I say, Firefly can be used for everything.)  Curse you internet, for your sudden but inevitable betrayal. Okay, now I can go back to loving the internet  and avoiding comment sections until American programming wises up and airs U.K. hits at the same time as the U.K.

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