Monday, October 15, 2012

Pitch Perfect: Pretty Much

           It's hard to totally lose yourself in a movie now days.  Man does that make me sound old and cantankerous. Still, few movies, especially movies with gimmicks and formulas, totally get it, accomplishing their ultimate goal of entertaining.  Pitch Perfect did it right.  The movie about the surprisingly entertaining world of the competitive college a cappella, hit every note perfectly.  Was it predictable?  Yes, but in the kind of classic way that great eighties movies were predictable.  Anna Kendrick, playing the "tough girl" dj Beca who finds herself suddenly deep in the world of five million part harmonies, classes the movie up like she does in every movie she's in.  Without being heavy handed, the movie is just fun, featuring the hilarious Bridesmaid star Rebel Wilson and the genuine talent of its many unknown stars.  It's what Glee wishes it was- an entertaining mixture of drama, humor, and jams (during times that actually made sense to break out in song-like in practice or competitions, not just randomly and unnaturally belting in the hallway).

        Pitch Perfect deserves the hype.  It wasn't flawless. I wished Beca took control of the group far sooner in the movie and some of the jokes were just sort of gross.  Yes it wasn't perfect, but it sure was close.

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