Monday, October 29, 2012

Whales, Wizards, and Frankenstein

Dr. Whale/Frankenstein...and the Wizard of Oz???

             I will not recap all of last night's Once Upon a Time.  I only wish to address a major question.  Last night, it was definitively said that the identity of Dr. Whale's "fairy tale" character is Dr. Frankenstein.  However, the magic-loathing scientist was also called a wizard on more than one occasion.  Add to that the easter egg hints that Rumple and Mad Hatter gave when they discussed a land that could be reached via a pair of shoes (hello ruby slippers).  Until the end of the episode, when Dr. Whale was in his gothic mad-science castle, I was convinced he was in fact the Wizard of Oz.  I am still  pretty intent on Dr. Whale being both characters.  After all, Rumpelstiltskin has turned out to be the Beast, the Crocodile of Peter Pan, and who knows who else.  Once Upon a Time plays with the idea that one person/character can inspire many tales and have many personalities.  The show is certainly playing with characters outside the traditional fairy tale realm.  As the season continues and we learn the identify of Henry's father and the true intent of Captain Hook, perhaps we will revisit the Wizard/Doctor, and maybe even venture down the paved yellow bricks, off to Oz.  I will say last night's episode was a little weak except for the Doctor's scenes.  I hope Emma and Snow are given more to do.  It'd be a shame if the second season falls short of the wonderful debut.

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