Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inspector Spacetime

Troy and Abed at the Spacetime Convention

            The return of the beloved (though in danger) Community hasn't been perfect, but last week's Inspector Spacetime changed all that.  Community is all about spinning and referencing geek pop-culture.  Early on, its characters discussed their love of Inspector Spacetime, a celebration/parody of the 50 year old Doctor Who, a British show about a time traveling alien with a perchance for saving humanity.  In the most recent episode, the characters travel to a Inspector Spacetime convention.  The episode plays with the cult-following while highlighting the reason for the relationships of many of the main characters.
           Give Community a chance, especially now that it's in danger of cancellation.  At its worst it is still better and more endearing than most comedies.  At least let Insecptor Spacetime

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