Friday, February 15, 2013

Zero Hour: Surprising Fun with Clocks

Zero Hour

          Maybe I have weaknesses for Angels & Demons/National Treasure-lite, a potential armageddon,  clock-puzzles, and international intrigue and conspiracy, but I really enjoyed Zero Hour.  Following one man's quest to find his kidnapped wife after she possesses a special clock (yes, that's right, a clock), Zero Hour travels from Nazi Germany to NYC and back again (to Canada too, go figure).  While Zero Hour wasn't exactly an hour of absolute quality television, it was entertaining in the same way that a paperback adventure novel or a popcorn movie is entertaining.  I'm not a television snob.  If a show entertains me, then it does it's job. There are some shows I like more than others for their quality, but then there are those moments you crave good old fashioned intrigue and even a dash of cheese. I will be returning for a least another episode of goofy, over-the-top entertaining fun, mock me all you want.

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