Thursday, February 7, 2013

Delirium to be on Television

Delirium to be made into a television show

               In news that really surprises me, Fox cast Emma Roberts in the new television show Delirium, based on the young adult novel by Lauren Oliver.  Set in an America where love is considered to be a disease that requires a surgical cure, it follows young Lena as she discovers life outside of her strict government and loveless life.  The final book in the series is due in March.  While I wouldn't say the books are as good as Divergent or The Hunger Games, they are good enough to merit a show.  The more I think about it, the more a television show may work well for the story, especially with the second book's introduction of more complex characters.  Unlike many series, the second book, Pandemonium, was far superior to the first.  Hopefully the series will improve on the story of the first book, which dragged a little.
                  All and all, if the series can achieve what The Vampire Diaries did before it-using a book series to spawn a fascinating show full of mythology, character development, and drama-then it could be a hit.  It might even be loved.

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