Monday, February 11, 2013

Downton Abbey: Picture Response to the Penultimate Episode

Downton Abbey Episode 6 and 7

               When I read that next week's episode of Downton Abbey is the finale, I was quite confused, only until I first remembered that the premiere actually played two episodes, as did last night's episode.  Sadly, the  escapist drama is coming to a close for the season just when it seemed to be starting.  No matter, let's reflect on last night's episode, via pictures of course.

Free Bates of Downton Abbey

1.  Before we can move on, we must address the emancipation of Mr. Bates.  He is finally free from prison.  Looks like those internet campaigns to Free Bates finally paid off.

Jane Eyre

2.  Lady Edith cannot catch a break.  After getting a job as a journalist, she flirts with her editor until she discovers he is actually married.  The Jane Eyre catch- his wife lost her mind is in an asylum.  To make it even more Mr. Rochester and Jane-esqe, he cannot divorce her.  Poor Edith.  Don't forget girl, you are not an automaton!

Mr. Carson does not approve

3.  The introduction of Rose, the eighteen year old cousin with a perchance for clubbing with married men, was ho-hum.  It felt like a weak excuse to spend a few moments in a 1920's club.  The Downton set were shocked, declaring the club to be a part of Dante's Inferno.  I wonder what they'd think of a modern day club...

Dowager Countess

4.  The Dowager Countess was the star of the night once again, tricking others into revealing the truth about Rose, setting up the more and more empathetic Ethel in a job close to her son, approving of Ethel's job and zinging everyone with her Pre-Betty White sass.  You were right, Dowager Countess, in saying that you don't have to worry about admitting you were in the wrong, because you never are.

"I have never taken the high road, but I tell other people to 'cause then there's more room for me on the low road."-Tom Haverford
5.  Am I the only one who was very proud that Bates looked out for Thomas, even though Thomas made a mistake?  I think not.  Way to take the high road.

Be Brave Branson

6.  Tom Branson is growing up!  He'll stay at Downton and be a caretaker.  I am beyond proud of his transformation.  Way to have a makeover Tom.

The Ugly Cry II

7.  I am scared for next week's episode, especially after the happiness of the past week's.  Look out for drama and tears.  Prepare for the Ugly Cry Part II

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