Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Once Upon a Time: How THAT Character Changes Everything

Neal from Once Upon a Time

           If you watched last Sunday's "Manhattan," you are probably still reeling from the big reveal, a reveal that everyone, non-seers included, called.  Neal is revealed to not only be the father of Henry, but he is also the one and only Baelfire (what a name), son of Rumpel.  The reunion didn't go quite as Rumpelstiltskin planned, with Neal determined to show his father how truly hurt he was by his father's actions.  (Never fear Rumpel, if he's still hurt, he still cares.)

         The horrible problem that arises for Rumpel is revealed in the flashback to his life in Fairy Land.  Apparently, a seer not only predicted the long separation of Rumpel from his son, but she also said that the boy who would lead Rumpel back to Baelfire would essentially be Rumpel's undoing.  Cue current day Rumpel staring ominously at his freshly labeled grandson Henry and son Neal/Baelfire while Henry meets his dad for the first time.  Needless to say, I really hope Rumpel can stay on the straight and narrow, or at least not totally fall into his former Dark One ways.  Perhaps he will make a great sacrifice for his grandchild and son, perhaps not.  Time will tell on Once Upon a Time.  

         I'd argue that Baelfire's reveal added a much needed freshness the show hasn't seen since last year's premiere season.  The possibilities for the rest of the season are limitless, especially as August is set to return. Too bad a little pesky, pretentious show prevents a new episode next week.  I'd much prefer Once Upon a Time's next chapter than the Oscars. The twists are much more fun.

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